Words Cut Deep

Dear anyone willing to read this,

If you have been keeping up with news or even weather in the state of Texas has heard the words “Fire Warning” and “Burn Ban” often enough; we know that blowing dirt and high winds can take a nasty dirty day and just make it worse.

What’s kind of strange and surreal about all of this is that a couple of weeks ago: during that one really nasty dirty brown out day, my fiance and I watched firefighters work on a small grass fire near his families business. It was contained and we lost nothing, but the vigor that fire spread was something that made you pause. There are scorch marks there and it is a reminder that as scary as that was, it is nothing compared to what the Northern Panhandle of Texas has felt.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine what everyone up there is going through, but what I do know is that from one farmer’s daughter to all the farmers and ranchers in those areas, my heart breaks for you, it truly does.

I have seen many people posting and talking about Ashley Till. She works in satellite radio and she is learning the hard way the meaning of Texas Strong.

Ashley Till made a comment concerning the recent fires in the state.

Before I dig into what I think about the situation, I will say that this is the exact point I make to people when they ask if I’m ever worried that Satellite will make my job obsolete or put me out of business. I’m never worried about that, because there will always be Ashley Till’s in the world and then there will be local Joe’s just like me, hurting with you and working to help you.

So Ashley Till got on air and called what we had going on down here a “BBQ”… Then, comes this tweet…

I will say that the monumental amount of bad timing that this had to have had is in proportions that I can’t even fathom.

However, people in Texas know when to make light and unfortunately light of this situation was wrong… and people let her know it.

People have taken to her employers facebook page and made sure that they know the full extent of the tragedy that is going on.

Your DJ that made the comment about the wildfires here in the Panhandle and said BBQ for everyone—FIRE HER! This is…

Posted by Crystal McKinney on Friday, March 10, 2017

I cancelled my subscription this morning and at 715 am I was 13th in line 👏🏻 so hopefully that was others doing the same! ✌🏻️ No disrespect will be tolerated here in TEXAS!!

Posted by Leandra Donais Hayes on Friday, March 10, 2017

#fireAshleyTIllOr#boycottSiriusXM#panhandlestrong#dontmesswithtexas Ashley, you are more than welcome to come to…

Posted by Lacey Goss Elliott on Friday, March 10, 2017

She has issued an apology on her personal blog… which speaking as a jock myself, you have the power of the air waves behind you, use them.

As for the rest of it I just want to put this out there as food for thought, when your thinking that satellite radio is a good idea think about this moment.

Ashley is located in Nashville and has no idea what we are going through. Local Joe’s like myself, well, I could literally smell the pain the day after the fires started. I woke up to an smokey haze and I could smell your loss, it smelled a lot like a trash fire, but what it was was so much bigger. It was loss of livestock, livelihoods and as things carried on lives. A couple opening gates to allow their live stock a chance to try an survive, a man headed home to get his wife and baby out… 4 lives total. While yes when you compare it to the other natural disasters out there it seems small. Then I look at the population of these areas and those 4 lives are going to be felt by many for a long time.

Then I saw this…

‼️Please share‼️Vertericyn is here in Canadian,Tx!! Come and get it!! Bring your sprayers and get them filled up!! They drove in from California to help out!!

Posted by Tori Laubhan Laverty on Friday, March 10, 2017

What this rancher (I’m assuming) is getting is eye wash for his animals. What many people, who don’t get to enjoy the life that is living in an agriculturally dependent area, understand is that while yes we raise our cattle to sell them off for money to support our life, we love and care for these animals.

The animals that survived are burned, singed, and in need of care and this eye wash is a welcome sight for many.

What people don’t understand is that in areas like this, this devastation trickles down. Yes this rancher lost out on a lot of money, because of the loss of livestock; but the grocery will not make as much money from him as he doesn’t buy as many groceries. The feed dealer will have to wait till he is able to pay his bill… You get where I’m going. In this area a loss like this is felt by all.

While I will not justify Ashley Till’s words, but at the same time not condemn her (we’re all human)…

Just remember where those words on the radio are coming from.

I am a farmers daughter. I know what a risk even a controlled burn is. I’ve watched new equipment and cotton burn for no reason… combustion happens. I have set through the Haboobs, and the months of wind and dirt, the years of no rain and felt the pride that comes with bumper crops. I am that voice on the radio that is weeping for the panhandle right now and I know what Texas String is all about.

I guess what I am trying to say is that not everyone in the media is as heartless as some, and there are those of us who want to join you as you build back up.

Lot’s of love from the Hub City,






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