Wrong For Lubbock Restaurant To Ban Neck and Face Tattoos?

You may’ve eaten at Gardski’s Loft before it went out of business near the Tech campus in an old historical building. On Friday a new restaurant opened in the old Gardski’s Lubbock building. The new business is “The Bier Haus”, and now it’s embroiled in controversy because of a sign posted outside. The sign stated some general rules of the restaurant, including this one; “No baggy clothes, jerseys, colors, cuts, or tattoos visible above the shoulders.”
Obviously, the owners are attempting to keep gang members out of their establishment, and they say it’s due to experiences in other cities. As you can imagine, some people went on social media claiming discrimination, and now the owners have apologized. In fact, they’ve completely removed the sign.

This same situation happened at a different restaurant in Dallas a couple of years ago.  Please see the video above featuring an “Inkmasters” co host, and his reaction to the Dallas ban.

Do you think the Lubbock Bier Haus owners should’ve backed down on the issue, or not?



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