10 Things Guys Should Never Do On A First Date

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The best advice to be given is don’t be a tool.  Kind of like the dude in the cover photo.  But that’s obvious so I would like to break it down a little further if you don’t mind.  I was thinking about this the other day so I came up with some things that we should not do to the wonderful ladies of this world while on a first date.  Ladies, what would we do without you?  Really.  There is nothing like going on a successful date.  When there is no awkward silence and she actually wants to spend more time with you.  But it doesn’t always workout that way.  This could be some of the reasons why.  Oh, and a lot of the things on this list I am 100% guilty of doing which is exactly why this list exists.  So, yeah…

10 Things Guys Should Never Do On A First Date:  

  1. Show Up Late-Speaking from personal experience, don’t do this.  I was late once.  She never spoke to me again.  Except for later that night when I got a call from her phone.  It was a dude trying to be funny.  Outside looking in you might think this happened “way back in third grade with Emmy Lou Hayes”.  It didn’t.  This was five or six years ago.  He probably needs advice in this field and is reading this right now. 😀  Don’t be late or this could happen to you.
  2. Pick Her Up- Don’t do this either.  You obviously need to be a gentleman, but don’t offer to pick her up before going on a date.  If she wants you to know where she lives, she will ask you to come by her place.  Don’t ask her to come to your place either!  She could think you might be trying to get her in your creepy basement ya dirty old man.  Just don’t do it.
  3. Get HammeredJust try not to act like an idiot after a few, okay?  There’s only one thing that can come between a man and his beer and that’s a woman.  I know it’s tough but we can do this guys.  It’s for our ladies!
  4. Take Her To a Place You Take Every Date-This should be at the top of the list.  She is not going to know that you bring all your love interests to this particular spot.  However, you will.  As well as the staff of the place you go.  Don’t try to walk around like some sort of low level pimp daddy.  No one cares how many pretty girls you have.   Have a little more than you show.  If you go on a lot of dates, that’s cool.  Just go to different places for each one.
  5. Save Money-This is a first date!  Don’t be cheap.  Take her to a nice place.  It doesn’t have to be the Lubbock Club but at least something with character.  Don’t take her to Walk-On’s or Texas Roadhouse.  I have nothing against those places.  They have excellent food.  It’s just kind of cliche I guess.  Find a place with dim lighting and lots of ambiance.<—I do not like to use that word.  Environment is key on any date.  Do some research.
  6. Be A “Big Spender”-If you take a girl out, don’t spoil her on the first date.  It is possible to over do it.  If you are rich and have the money to spend, that’s cool.  Again, just have a little more than you show.  Spoil her later.  If you are not rich and you just got your bi-weekly paycheck and feel rich, don’t go crazy.  She might expect it every time.
  7. Get A Haircut The Day Of The Date-Seems minute but it’s not.  Get your haircut a couple of days before the date.  It gives your hair time to grow a little.  If you don’t have a regular hair stylist and just go with whomever is working, they could leave you lookin’ like Gary Busey real quick.
  8. Go Dutch- Actually this should be at the top of the list.  I am all about this after four or five dates.  If my lady wants to pay equally, I’m good with that.  I’m sure I would break my own rule of “Don’t Be A Big Spender” if I could!  If it’s a first date, NEVER go dutch.  I put a girl to the test once and told her my debit card wasn’t working after we got the tab.  This was our second date.  She paid, and said “where are we going next?!”  Thinking I had no money.  I then pretended to be on the phone with the bank to get my card going again so I could pay for us both, the rest of the evening.  Seems like a lot to go through to find out if a girl will pay or not, but she was willing.  That’s all that mattered to me.  Some may think it’s shady.  I think it’s genius.
  9. Talk About Your Ex-A lot of these tips are common knowledge.  But this one?  Your just stoooopid if you do this.  No woman in the history of women want to hear you go on about how your ex is this and that and whatever.  Don’t even think about your ex.  Your date will know.  Women just know things without knowing things.  It’s weird and kind of creepy.  Your date wants to hear about you.  She also wants you to listen.  Mostly listen.  Actually, you say nothing unless it’s in response to her.  She is the subject.  Not you, your ex, or your favorite color.  Okay, in reality a first date is about both of you, but you should go into it with this mindset.
  10. Try To Be “Cool”-First of all, if you are an adult, being “cool” shouldn’t be something that is even in your brain.  That’s for kids.  Adult translation: don’t try too hard.  It’s obvious when someone is trying too hard to impress someone.   For the most part, I think we have all done this at least once in our lives.  If you try too hard, it will be noticed.

Bonus: Wear Too Much Cologne-Cologne is good.  I’m a huge fan of cologne and always have been.  Just use it correctly.  Sure, there are no instructions on how to wear cologne but for goodness sake, don’t shower in it.  Your not the dude on the horse in the Old Spice commercials.  If you insist on wearing the entire bottle, at least make sure it’s good not cheap.

There are a ton of things that guys should never do on a first date but this is the top 10 list, not the top 100.  It’s tough being a guy in this world full of lovely women.  We just want you to like us ladies and we aren’t always the best at being ourselves.  Hopefully this will help all my homie’s out there get better at dating.  It probably will not.

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