The month of May has been quite a whirlwind of activity for 17-year-old Braxton Moral of Ulysses, Kansas. First, he graduated high school. Then, just 11 days later, he graduated with a degree from Harvard University.

Braxton took his first Harvard class when he was 11 years old. And since then, he’s been taking about 16 online credit hours from Harvard each semester. Then, for two summers, he took a few Harvard classes on campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

And sure enough… Just as he wrapped up his high school career, he also earned a bachelor of arts in government and a minor in English from Harvard.

Braxton is believed to be the first and only student to earn a high school diploma and a Harvard degree at the same time.

He and his family believe it all worked out nicely. He was able to get an education and get a little bit ahead of the game while not losing out on any of the “normal school stuff” like prom, the tennis team and student council.

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