Writers: We’re A Different Breed

Have you ever wondered how you can tell a writer from everyone else?

Take it from a writer we are a bit of an odd breed. When I experience things I can’t wait until I have to opportunity to write about them, and I’m talking about all sorts of things.

If you look back I have written about several things that I experienced…

There was my experience with my first time fishing.

I took you into the scary place that is the woman’s mind.

I’ve explored the world of CrossFit… On many occasions… Okay I’ve mentioned it.

I’ve talked about girls and guns.

I’ve even tried to take you along on my hunting experiences with my words.

And here recently I have wanted to take you along on my wedding planning ride. I mean come on I took you through my whole relationship in a post.

Writers want you to take a journey with us, but it’s not through pictures, or tweets, or whatever else is out there it is all through the written word.

Soooo… With that put out there I would like to continue down the path of sharing with you my march down the aisle.

Today marks 100 days until I become a Mrs…. 100 DAYS!!! THAT IS SO CRAZY!!! Around this time last year I was residing myself to the fact that I would be single until the day I die, and one year later I am planning and preparing to walk down the aisle.

We may look like were happy and I may make it seem like I am loving every minute, but ladies and gentlemen I’m not going to lie to you, this is one of the most stressful things I have done.

I by nature have a tendency to be a perfectionist, it’s a blessing and a curse. I am an employers dream, I can be my own worst night mare.

I have the big things covered. Like my dress… I have my dress.

My location… Were getting married at his families ranch, which is just to perfect for us and our story.

I’ve got the honeymoon booked…

I’ve got my bridal party figured out, invitations ordered, registries taken care of, hair and makeup booked, minister booked…

Things that I still have to do? Well, it seems like that list just keeps growing… book florist, book baker, gather decor for ceremony and reception, file for passports, marriage license… You get the idea.

I use to think that people talking about the details that come up were crazy… about that.

I went to order direction cards the other day, the paper choices, ink colors, and fonts that were out there for me to choose from was daunting to say the least. I now understand how the details can make a person crazy. Just thinking about it makes my head swim.

So if you see me around and I look a little lost, frustrated, or anything in between just know that I have probably been overwhelmed by the wedding wave… and feel free to remind me that no matter what at the end of the day I will be marrying the man that I love.



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