Before you were a parent there were some things that would gross you out, but after having a little one, you turn into a superperson who can handle anything! Here are five things that no longer gross you out as a parent.

Number 5, Cleaning with spit. It’s not like they’ll remember you doing it anyway.

Number 4, Spit up, it’s no big deal.

Number 3, chewed-up food. If the baby doesn’t like it you’ll allow them to spit it in your hand, no problem.

Number 2, Puke. When your child is sick you go into nurse mode and do whatever it takes to make them feel better.

And number 1, poop. Yes even when your child is covered in it you manage to fearlessly stick them in the bathtub, hose them down and then cuddle them in your arms like the amazing parent that you are.

What is something that you deal with now as a parent that you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before kids?

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