Aaron Watson.  You’ve heard the “The calm before the storm”, right?  Aaron Watson’s live version of “Kiss That Girl Goodbye” is a combination of both.  It mellow and wild.  I have no idea how to explain what you just read so we’ll move forward.

Forgive me.  The audio is not great in this clip.  You probably wouldn’t watch the entire thing even if it were so it’s cool.

Aaron Watson, Jon Wolfe and Josh Ward all put on a great show at the Fair Park Coliseum Saturday night.  If you ever have the opportunity to see any of these guys, take it.  Especially if you like to dance.

Josh Ward almost has a Cody Johnson sound.  A Powerful, deep voice with a heavy Texas accent and red hair.  It sounded great!  I hate comparing artists to other artists but in did it anyway.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a shot of Josh playing.  My B though.  Got caught up listening and dancing.  Truth story.

Jon Wolfe came out lookin’ like Val Kilmer and rocked it.  One thing I like about Jon Wolfe is his stage presence.  Like George Strait, Jon Wolfe doesn’t have to do much to gain full attention of his audience.  Dude has a great honky tonk sound.  It’s the ideal formula for a good Texas two step.  The band was right on cue.

Aaron Watson just did what Aaron Watson does.  He always connects to the audience because it feels as if we know him.  He has been playing in Lubbock for a very long time.  Watson has a lot of ties to this town and we like that.  I like the fact that he is very good to his “clients”.  Aaron Watson told me in a phone interview Friday that he does not like the word “fan”.  Agreed Mr. Watson, I don’t either.  Never have.  It’s short for “fanatic”.  I am not a fanatic of anything!  Except for cheese.  I like cheese.  You’re still reading right?  Hope so.  If not, go sit on a tack.

I am sorry for being so aggressive earlier.  To make up for it, I have posted a few cool moments from the show.  Much love to Roadhouse Tickets and Ear Fuel Entertainment as well as all the other folks that helped make this happen!

The stage is looking great for Aaron Watson, Jon Wolfe and Josh Ward in Lubbock tonight! Who's coming out?

Posted by Ear Fuel Entertainment on Saturday, February 2, 2019


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