Aggies Charging $475,000 For Hotel Rooms On Game Day

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Texas A&M University is in the process of constructing a hotel across from the 4th largest stadium in the nation, Kyle Field.  Max capacity, 100,00!  They are indeed charging $475,000 these rooms that are directly across from the legendary stadium.  But here’s the crazy part.  The college is holding auctions and lotteries for the right to reserve rooms on any day for the next 10 years..  This is where the figure of $475k comes in.

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If I were a baller, as these folks appear to be, this could be fun. In a cash war with another filthy rich person, fighting for the room with the best view of the game.  That is, if the hotel is designed to where occupants can actually watch the game from the room.  The Roof here in Lubbock is a perfect example.  They have an excellent view of the game on game day.

Insert generic photo number 2 that fills blank space.  Typical human move.  See a blank space, fill it with a lamp, or a chair that no one sits in.  In this case, it’s a picture.

There’s a lot of money being tossed around over in college station.  I just have one question.  What’s REALLY goin’ on in Aggie land?  There comes that conspiracy theorists side.

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Texas A&M University is in the process of building a hotel across the street from its 100,000-capacity football field – which happens to be the fourth-largest stadium in the U.S.

This hotel is special because the college is holding auctions and lotteries for the right to reserve individual rooms in the hotel on any day for the next 10 years.

To be clear, here … They’re not auctioning off the rooms. They’re just auctioning off the RIGHT to have the room on game day. Which is about eight weekends each year.

And, here’s the kicker … The starting bids for the best rooms on the top floor of this hotel are as high as $475,000.

That’s right. About half-a-million bucks to just be able to book the room when the Aggies are in town.

How’s that for a money grab?



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