A man is alive because of a feature on the Apple Watch called “hard fall.”

He was mountain biking when his bike flipped at the bottom of a hill called Doomsday in Washington state.

He fell, hit his head and was unconscious.

He had the emergency feature on his Apple Watch called “hard fall” activated.

Wearers must activate the feature. It will detect when the wearer has taken a hard fall. The watch will tap the wearer on the wrist. If the watch does not receive a response within one minute it will automatically call emergency services and notify your emergency contacts.

In this case, emergency services made it to the man before his family did so the watch alerted the family with an updated text that the wearer’s location had changed with a map pointing them to the hospital.

Happy to report the wearer of the watch is doing fine.

Did you know about this feature on Apple Watch?

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