Katie Kauss/EB MediaAshley McBryde leans into her cinematic storytelling style in the music video for “One Night Standards,” the first single off of her forthcoming sophomore album. Accompanied by the song, which favors anonymous nights in dark bars and hotel rooms over lasting relationships, the video’s story quickly takes a dark turn. 

Ashley stars as a motel receptionist who rents a room to a couple. She recognizes the man as a friend’s father, and calls the friend to let him know where her dad is. Soon after, the friend comes rushing in and demands a key to the room where her father is staying. Ashley hesitates, but ultimately complies, and the friend storms off — killing the woman she finds in bed with her dad. 

The video, shot at Nashville’s Drake Hotel, ends on a cliffhanger, with more of the storyline is yet to be revealed.

Ashley explains the idea to present the songs as interconnected stories came from a conversation with her team members. 

“I got out my sketch pad and we wrote down each song from the record and each character. It looked like a crazy road map. It looked like a child had drawn it,” she tells Billboard. “But there it was. A way to connect every song and every video.”

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