The Best Specials For Black Friday!

My friend Sean Dillon talked with Jon Vincent from EARLYBLACKFRIDAY.COM

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

1) What are some of the best deals retailers are offering on Black Friday?

– Westinghouse 55″ 4k Ultra HDTV for $249.99 at Target.

– Sharp 50″ 4k Ultra HDTV w/Roku TV for $179.99 (save $320) at Best Buy.

– Apple iPad mini 4 (128GB) for $274.99 ($125 off) at Best Buy.


2) Is Black Friday limited to shopping at the store or can I get these deals online?


Retailers are embracing Internet-based sales and pushing online very hard by making it clear to shoppers in the Black Friday sales circulars that they can get these deals online on Thanksgiving day (or earlier).

For example, both Kohl’s and Amazon are going to start their Black Friday sales on the Monday before Thanksgiving. In fact, we believe that this year will be the first time online says surpass in-store sales.


3) Everyone knows about the big screen TV deals on Black Friday, but what other product categories are often overlooked that have great deals?


The big screen TVs are still the main “eye candy” in the Black Friday ads but overlooked product categories such as luggage and children’s pajama sets are really the best buys (and most accessible compared to the limited supply of TVs).


4) Are there any new types of products on sale this Black Friday that weren’t discounted in the past?

Smart home products (such as Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, and the Nest thermostat) are a lot more prominently featured in the Black Friday ads this year compared to previous years and the discounts on them are better than ever.


5) Can you get better deals on Cyber Monday or even closer to Christmas compared to what you find on Black Friday?

We’ve tracked the Black Friday deals over the last few years to determine if Black Friday was truly the best time to shop or if you’re better off waiting until closer to Christmas. What we found was that almost all of the specific items in the Black Friday ads were at their lowest price on Black Friday and those exact items did not go on sale for less as Christmas approached. That doesn’t mean there won’t be great sales as we get closer to Christmas. It just means that those exact items featured in the Black Friday ads most likely won’t be available for any less than what they are offered for on Black Friday.

So get you shopping pants on… If your like me it will be sweat pants in my chaise lounger as I shop from my laptop sipping my peppermint infused hot chocolate. Enjoy the steals, deals, and most importantly be safe.