Billy Ray Cyrus: Joins Rock Band Godsmack For New Video

Atta boy Billy Ray!  I have always liked Godsmack and heavy metal.  Technically, Godsmack is not a heavy metal band.  They are labeled as American Rock.  But they can strike those power chords with the best of them!  The founder of the band Sully Erna, decided to start Godsmack in 1995 and they took off from there with multiple number ones, videos, and the rock star life to go along with it.

I could go on and on about Godsmack.  However, this blog is not about them for obvious reasons.  I work for a country station.  The fact that Billy Ray Cyrus has teamed up with these guys comes as no surprise to me.  After Achy Breaky Heart, Billy Ray didn’t do much.  He didn’t really need to!  The dude made a ton of money off of that one song and still is!  He did have to look elsewhere in the entertainment business to make money.  No one really cared much after Achy Breaky Heart.  Of course Miley Cyrus came into the picture on Disney or whatever kids show she was on and made him some money as well.  Then immediatly became trashy. 😀

This is the only clip that is out there of the Godsmack video featuring Billy Ray Cyrus as of yet.  It’s only a cameo appearance.  Meaning he only makes a quick appearance.  It looks interesting to say the least!  The other two bad asses you see in the clip is former front man for Skidrow, Sebastian Bach (middle) and Godsmack founder, and front man Sully Erna (right).

The name of the song has yet to be released and the new album from Godsmack is expected to be released sometime in April, hopefully.

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