Trae Patton/NBCSome things just don’t mix, like oil and water, forks and power outlets… or Blake Shelton and sound fashion advice.

In a hilarious Instagram video uploaded by his girlfriend and fellow Voice judge Gwen Stefani on Tuesday, Gwen is panicking because she’s unable to find “something high fashion” to wear for the night’s finale.  

Cue Shelton, who strides into her dressing room like a knight in shining armor as he announces, “Did somebody say fashion?”

The two engage in a makeover montage, but not before Stefani bemoans “If anyone knew you secretly designed my wardrobe, I’d be so embarrassed.”  Shelton starts rummaging through her mountain of clothes and pauses to tell her to burn a pair of pink shorts.

The “God’s Country” singer is then seen tearing up potential outfit sketches — which are just stick figures drawn with crayons — and knocking the arms off his mannequin as he tries to stitch together a number that screams “finale.”

Finally, Stefani reveals his “cowgirl chic” getup, only for Blake to tack on a few more accessories to make the outfit pop.  Unfortunately, his additions are a pair of rodeo pants and a blonde mullet.

When Gwen asks to try something more festive, she is met with even more disaster.  She tries on a sexy snow queen outfit, then is dressed as a giant Christmas present, is bound in holiday lights, and then ends the fashion show as a pathetic Christmas tree.

Finally, she tries one final outfit and emerges in a short Tiffany blue dress that has Shelton proudly exclaiming “looks just like my drawing” as he holds up a stick figure sketch that’s scribbled over in blue.

Team Kelly Clarkson wound up winning The Voice on Tuesday with America voting for country crooner Jake Hoot to win the coveted recording contract.

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