A police station in England recently received a resume from an aspiring cop who has all the qualifications they’re looking for. There’s just one problem: He’s only seven years old.

The Police Station received an adorable handwritten letter from a boy named Harcharan who explained why he would be a perfect addition to the force.

He wrote, “I would love to be a police officer to stop diamond heists and bank robberies. I’m good at dodging objects and I got good eye sight. I am good at jumping from high places and I got lots of stealth.”

He continued, “The job needs lots of focus and eye sight. To be a good police officer you need to check stuff. I am good at guarding places. I would be good for the job because I am good at climbing.”

Unfortunately for Harcharan, the police department can’t hire him until he’s 18, but they thanked him for the “wonderful letter.” (Fox News)

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