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California Woman Swallows Engagement Ring in Her Sleep, Believed It Was Part of Dream

A woman in California had a very real dream, so real that it became part of her reality.

She had a dream involving a high speed chase and bad guys.

Somehow she doesn’t realize she is awake when she swallows her engagement ring.

Apparently in her dream she needed to swallow her engagement ring to save them from the bad guys.

She wakes up and can’t find her engagement ring. She tells her fiance who understandably did not believe her at first, that she thinks she swallowed her engagement ring.

They go to Urgent Care and find the engagement ring in her stomach on the X-Ray.

They decided that “letting nature take it’s course” was NOT the way to go to get the ring out.

They perform an upper endoscopy and safely retrieve the ring.

She posted the experience on Facebook and it has been shared 56,000 times.

Have you or your kids swallowed anything that required an emergency room visit?

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