I Can Do Anything You Can Do

We’ve all heard the song. Admit it you just sang it.

The idea behind the song is that women are capable of not only doing anything a man can do, but we can do it better. Now I will be the first to admit that I am not capable of doing some of the same things my husband can do. Like pee standing up, that could be a messy experiment to try. Just like my husband can’t birth children. That is what makes us unique and special to one another, we compliment each other. I’m strong, but I know my husband is stronger, and I’m okay with that. He’s more capable of things out when we are hunting and I’m okay with that, he’s my hunter gatherer and I love it.

So the Boy Scouts of America just announced that they will be letting girls enroll… enlist?… in their programs.

Lot’s of people are crying foul, but I can see why the girl who started all of this, actually wanted in.

She wants to follow in her brother’s footsteps! He set such an example for her that she wants to do the same thing. That makes my heart so happy, despite what people are saying.

So here is my take on this. The Boy Scouts rank of Eagle Scout is seen as a great honor. I had to dig for the fact that there is an equivalent for Girl Scouts… They become Ambassadors.

My cousin became an Eagle Scout and it was celebrated, I had no interest in Girl Scouts, nor did any of my friends. But hearing about a girl becoming a Girl Scout Ambassador feels way more rare to me.

I will admit looking at the program layout, becoming an Eagle Scout looks like way more fun and adventure. Which for some girls is what they want out of life fun and adventure.

I do believe this move will make the Girl Scouts step up their game or they will become obsolete, but only time will tell.



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