John Shearer, Big Machine RecordsCarly Pearce digs deep into both sides of a breakup in the split-screen music video for her latest single, “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” which premiered on Wednesday afternoon. The clip follows two exes as they go about their separate days: One happily in love with someone new, and the other still heartbroken. 

The video’s design is the perfect complement to the song’s story line, which is a duet with Lee Brice. Carly and Lee trade off lines throughout the song, telling a story of a girl who has moved on from a relationship that wasn’t working for her, blindsiding a guy who’s still in love. 

“I Hope You’re Happy Now” is the first single off Carly’s second album, a self-titled project that is due for release on Valentine’s Day. She has said that it tells the real-life story of a relationship she was in in the past, and that more personal, vulnerable stories will come to light in the songs on her next collection.

However, real life for Carly is looking much less heartbroken: She married fellow singer Michael Ray in October, and the pair are gearing up for a honeymoon to Jamaica over the holidays.

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