Big Loud RecordsFor Chris Lane, it’s no surprise “I Don’t Know About You” hit number one this week — simply because so many other artists wanted it.

Musically, the North Carolina native believes it’s similar to his most recent top ten, “Take Back Home Girl.”

“Instrumentation-wise, it’s kind of like a cousin song to ‘Take Back Home Girl,’” Chris explains. “Lyric-wise — not necessarily. But I feel like it’s got one of the strongest hooks on the record in the chorus… [That’s] what I fell in love with.”

Even before Chris’s album, Laps Around the Sun, came out, “I Don’t Know About You,” was already inspiring envy in his fellow artists.

“I know this was a song that a lot of artists in town wanted,” he tells ABC Audio. “And for whatever reason, I somehow ended up getting to record [it].”

“I posted a small clip on my Instagram, and several of the artists hit me up and they’re like, ‘I hate you for recording this song!’” he laughs. “I think there were honestly four or five artists… Tyler Rich was one of them. Jon Langston was one of them.”

Chris knows how it feels though, since he missed out on recording another number one song in 2014.

“‘American Kids’… My manager sent that song to me,” he recalls. “He’s like, ‘Hit me back and let me know if you like this song.’ And I was like, ‘Wow! I really love this song. We should record the song.’”

“Three or four days went by, and he’s like, ‘Hey, dude. Remember that song? It’s no longer yours. Kenny Chesney is recording it,’” Chris laughs. “I was like, ‘Well I get that.’” 

“I Don’t Know About You” is Chris’s second number one, following “Fix,” which topped the chart in August of 2016.

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