There is one particular sub-genre of Country artists, fans and enthusiasts that should listen closely to what Cody Johnson says in this video.  In particular:

“Who has the right to determine what is and isn’t country?”-CoJo

This goes back to a statement I made in a previous blog from months ago…

“You will never hear this ‘particular sub genre of artists, fans and enthusiasts’ bashing George Strait.  Even considering the fact that he didn’t write any of his hits.  He hardly wrote any songs for probably 90% of his career.  Not even one!  He’s the definition of Nashville.”-Kristopher Wayne Mason, vato.

Why is this?  Becuase he’s traditional?  Because he wears Wranglers and works a ranch?  I honestly have no idea but I do know one thing, it makes no sense whatsoever.  Anyway, back to Cody Johnson and “Who has the right to determine what is and isn’t Country”.  This is one of the best Texas Country artists around saying this.  But that’s not all he said, but if you haven’t heard it yet, I hope you will.   I’ll say this, OUTLAW COUNTRY STARTED AND ENDED WITH WAYLON and it needs to stay that way.  If you want to start a modern day outlaw country music movement, you better be packin’ some SERIOUS heat.  Hell, even Waylon said it.

“Don’t you think this outlaw bit done got outta hand?”-Waylon

To the Nashville giants, this is nothing but business.  Same goes for the big boys of the Texas Country industry!  No starving artists wants to be a starving artist forever!  Love is not the only Universal language.  Music makes people smile regardless of the intentions of the gangsters in suits that run the industry with money.  Who cares?  If you like a damn Luke Bryan song, then you like that Luke Bryan song with some passion!

I’ll tell ya, I was once this guy:  “I hate pop country and everthang about it!”  I’ll be honest, during this time in my life, I wouldn’t have been caught dead listening to KLLL.  Then I realized how stupid and egotistical that was.  I realized this long before I worked for KLLL.  I’ve always been a fan of 90’s and earlier but now, I’m a fan of all of it.  Sure, there are plenty of songs in modern day country that I just can’t handle.  Same goes for 90’s, 80’s and even some Hank Williams songs.

Think long and hard about that.  Think of your favorite artist and tell me that you absolutely love every single song they’ve had ever released.  That’s highly unlikely.  I have been a huge George Strait fan all of my life but there are plenty of songs that I do not like.  Love all music.  All of it!

This blog is not to upset people.  Just open up those eyes and see the forest!  I’m not asking anyone to like “Pop Country”, all I ask is that you understand that the worst song in the world makes someone happy and that’s all that matters!  Respect music for the entity it is.  Not what people try to make of it.  Much love ya’ll.  Much freakin’ love and Salute!

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