ABC/Mark LevineFishing licenses can be expensive, but Dierks Bentley — who is reportedly worth $30 million — doesn’t have an excuse to fish without one.

During a three-day music festival over the weekend in Buena Vista, Colorado, Bentley and Luke Bryan boasted on stage about their local fishing conquests to the crowd of screaming fans. 

Unfortunately for them, some concertgoers reported them to Colorado Parks and Wildlife because they weren’t sure the two had fishing licenses.

The Denver Post reports that while the agency was flattered to know those fans cared so much about the wildlife that they were willing to tattle on their idols, they couldn’t investigate without concrete evidence.

No problem: Bentley then posted a photo of him holding a sizable brown trout to his Instagram, where he claimed it was the third fish he caught that day.

Parks and Wildlife then discovered that Bentley did not have a license, which is required by state law, and hit him with a $139.50 fee.  Dierks paid the fee in cash right as soon as he was handed the ticket.

Bentley then warned Bryan on Instagram, writing, “Actually appreciate the ticket. Appreciate being treated like a regular person. Appreciate what [Colorado Parks and Wildlife] does.” 

He then promised, “I’ll be all licensed up next time!”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Bill Vogrin said Dierks couldn’t have been nicer or more cooperative, and added, “We welcome him back any time to fish, as long as he gets a license next time.”

As of late Monday, Bryan hadn’t been ticketed.  Then again, he didn’t incriminate himself by posting photos on social media.

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