In Albuquerque, New Mexico, construction workers Mason Fierro and Jermaine Gallien were on a job when they saw a man screaming for help from the second story of a nearby apartment building — and realized that the building was on fire.

They rushed over to the building, where the man was able to drop a baby and a toddler safely into their waiting arms.

And while Mason and Jermaine were helping with the kids, their co-workers dragged a ladder to the scene.

Thanks to the team effort, the father and mother of the children were able to get out of the window and climb down the ladder.

After that, the construction workers went door-to-door, making sure everyone was safe until the firefighters arrived.

While the rescue was certainly dramatic and unexpected, those involved insisted that the teamwork was the key to success, pointing out that everyone had each other’s back and that they were all committed to getting the job done.

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