Usually it’s a bad sign when cops show up to a birthday party, but for nine year old Thomas Daniel, it was the best party he ever had.

The third grader was about to have a really bad day when he missed his school bus one morning. But as he was running after the bus, a police officer spotted him and offered to give him a lift.

With his mother’s permission, Thomas gladly accepted the offer and hitched a cool ride to school.

During the drive, Thomas told the officer that it was his birthday and then invited him to his party. He also mentioned that he didn’t think any kids were going to come because he gets bullied a lot in school.

Later that night, the officer showed up to the party and was heartbroken when no one else was there except for him and some family members. So the officer got an idea.

He rallied his fellow officers to go back to the house the next day with a cake and presents and threw Thomas a second birthday party. Thomas was shocked and called it the “best birthday ever.”

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