Granger Smith and his wife, Amber Bartlett, have experienced excruciating pain with the death of their three-year-old son, River, in 2019.   River drowned in the family pool; afterward, Smith talks about how he tried to “fix” things following the death of his son.   “I thought I could fix on my own with self-help and self-improvement and exercise and positivity and visualization, meditation and devotionals,” says Smith. “I thought I could just mend it, fix it and move on, and I couldn’t.”  Three years later, Bartlett gave birth to their son, Maverick. “Not that he could ever replace River, that’s not the point. He never would have, but it is very interesting that he’s a life that existed because another doesn’t. That stuff that just tangles up my brain if I even try to think about it,” said Smith.

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