Darius Rucker Opens Up About New Memoir, Encouraging Country Artists, & Loving Post Malone

Recently, Darius Rucker opened up about his new memoir, Life’s Too Short, and how he encourages artists that he loves including Post Malone.

Rucker said about Post, “Oh, absolutely. Post Malone. I mean, he could poop on a record and I think I’d buy it [laughs]. I just think he’s amazing. “He continued, “Everything he does is fabulous. All the country stuff he does, I’m such a fan. He’s the guy right now. My kids always play songs with me… I love what’s happening in music right now. Of course, I wish rock n’ roll wasn’t dead. I wish there were still rock bands out there on the radio having big hits. But there’s some really good stuff out there.”

He added about his new memoir, “I always said I’d write it when my kids were old enough to handle it. I’ve had a great relationship with my kids, and there’s nothing that they probably don’t know [laughs]. I always said that if I wrote it, I was just going to tell the truth. And that’s what we did.”

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