Debunking the Conspiracy Theorists

So as promised yesterday I am going to debunk the conspiracy theorists out there piece by piece, using sheer logic folks.

If you are a conspiracy theorist, I apologize…

Actually you should know better, I’m not really sorry about any of this I am about to do. In fact I find it entertaining to watch your head explode as I interject other plausible reasons behind why what you don’t think adds up, very well might add up in a different frame of mind.

So I am going to be using one of the more popular articles I’ve been seeing passed around on social media. This one is coming from

So let’s have some fun, shall we?

Number 1 in this article that is a couple of days old, is dozens of concert- goers reported the presence of multiple shooters. Now in light of some new evidence, there is the possibility of a second shooter. However, the problem with this assumption on the basis of what witnesses saw, or thought they heard is unreliable and why eye witness testimony that often contradicts cold hard facts is often dismissed by the courts. In fact eye witness identification is only correct 30%-50% of the time, depending on which study you ready. Which means there is a 50%-70% wrongful identification rate. This is attributed to a number of factors, but think about it, stories that you might remember from your day to day life as a whole become eroded over time, and your recollection of details become blurrier with the passing of time, that’s even within a few hours of the memory occurring. Like I don’t remember the color of my baseball cap when my husband proposed to me a year ago, but I remember I had a ball cap on.

So if we dismiss the eyewitness testimony here let’s look at the sheer facts of what was really happening. The theory of multiple, meaning more than two in my book, seems unlikely. Two is more probable, but more than two highly unlikely. People are basing this on muzzle flash, and sound. The secondary muzzle flash on a lower floor of the Mandalay Bay has been checked out and was a strobe that was on in one of the rooms. Next let’s look at the sound. Concert goers were in an area that was set up to bounce sound… So what do you think is going to happen when you introduce a gun shot into that type of atmosphere? The sound will be reflected, giving the illusion that there is more than one shooter. Another thing that we know is that Jake Owen tweeted about bullets ricocheting. Ricochet makes a sound, which to an unfamiliar ear can be misconstrued as gun fire.

Number 2 on this list of 5 things that don’t seem to add up, there was a woman, who apparently warned concert goers they were “all going to die” 45 minutes before shooting started. This is a report that has originated from the UK Express. Is this woman a fortune teller? Can she really see into the future? Or do I think that the 21 year old who refused to be named with this information had a little to much to drink while she was celebrating her birthday in Las Vegas. If you need another reason to question this, please look at my above reasoning with eye witness identification. Also any basic psychology book will tell you that when you witness a traumatic life event like the shooting in Las Vegas your mind tries to cope, by either blocking things, or creating memories that were never there.

Number 3… this one is so beyond idiotic, I just hurt, but here it is… The weapon heard on the video was full auto, which is almost impossible to acquire through legal means. Here with in the last 24-48 hours we have found out a couple of important things. We have first found out that our “lone wolf” acquired a lot of legal fire power in 12 months, which shows extreme premeditation (I’ll get to that later). Next we know that he altered the weapons, which you can do. I have altered weapons myself. In fact he altered these weapons with what are called “bump stocks”. These stocks give a function to a semi automatic rifle or handgun that closely resembles a fully automatic rifle, but in all actuality it is still perfectly legal to purchase.

Here’s a explanation…

Still a semi- automatic weapon, still legal to own, and even the modification is legal. As for the legal part of this point is ridiculous. Do you really think criminals go through legal channels? I mean it’s not called the black market because they are selling cotton candy folks.

Number 4 why were the exits blocked. This is strictly a venue concern, and probably a procedural error, if we really want to look at this. I have had the pleasure of going to many concerts, and festivals in my life. One festival was kind of a big one, they have it in Nashville every year, you know the CMA Music Festival. One thing I learned while I was learning defense, and gun retention; which is important when you are a CHL holder… always familiarize yourself with where you are at. Know your closest exit. At the CMA Music Festival it was hard to do, because things would change nightly. This is how they directed traffic and crowd flow, to allow for the quickest exit possible when leaving the venue. Also, you will notice this at lots of concerts once the show starts entrances start closing off. This is because they want to make sure that the only people let in are ticket holders to the event. After a concert, what was once an entrance is often turned into an exit. But entry and exit from first song and last song is often restricted. Considering the time of night this happened at, I’m thinking that Jason Aldean still had a song or 10 left. Thus they were still trying to control the crowd from the viewpoint of making sure only ticket holders get in.

Once shooting started, they may have been keeping people in, not from the stand point of to help a mass murderer, but they didn’t know where the shooting was coming from exactly, thinking they didn’t want people running into gunfire. This could have been a total operational error.

And here we are at number 5 why did the shooter have as many as 10 firearms in his room?… Okay we know that between the hotel and his residence he had a total of 33 most of which were purchased within the last 12 months (this points to premeditation).

Later on in this articles rhetoric it asks, why so many? And what does a 64 year old retiree need so many guns for? And how did he get them into the hotel? 

Let me answer all of these questions for you… he had so many because it’s his right as an American. In fact I know people with more, but none of them are gonna go shoot up some place. They are collectors, and that’s cool. If you can’t answer the second question you need to turn on the actual news. This man needed these guns to methodically carry out this massive amount of carnage, so that he wouldn’t have to reload. That simple. When things go wrong for the untrained, which he was, is when they reload. Just simple facts. Now the fact that you are asking that last question tells me you weren’t paying attention. This was a video that surfaced after the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando.

People are asking how he can haul all that weight? Am I the only person in the world that has heard of a bell hop, or used the little cart things that hotels offer to get my luggage to the room? Also he was there since the Tuesday, before the shooting. He could have easily brought them in at various times through out his stay, which wouldn’t seem odd to anyone, because staff rotates out through out the week, so I’m sure if he walked in with another bag, no one thought about it.

I am not discounting the second shooter theory, but I will say that there is a reason police haven’t released that as information to the press.

Here’s why- when you have a partner scenario, there is typically a dominant and a submissive personality within the two. The guy that they have, is looking more like the submissive (if this theory pans out). However, the police are giving him all the credit. Which if he is the submissive, the dominant or the mastermind of the whole situation will screw up and say or do something stupid so that he can get his time in the limelight. The dominant in this pairing is typically narcissistic and this is smoke out tactic. There is very much a reason the government isn’t telling you everything. It goes back to that whole “loose lips, sink ships” campaign from WWII. Sometimes we don’t need to know everything. It has nothing to do with conspiracies, and has everything to do with capturing a criminal, or defeating the Nazi’s.

If the second shooter theory doesn’t pan out then we are all going to have to come to terms with the fact that this was a emotionally disturbed man who perpetuated a very evil act.

So conspiracy theorists, leave Las Vegas alone and go get your fill of the JFK file. Be on the look out for it October 26th.



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