Dolly Parton: Woman Sues Dollywood

At first, I had the headline as “Dolly Parton Is Being Sued”, simply because I think people would find it more interesting, therefore more people would click on the link and read this article.  I’m a KLLL team player folks.  But, I came to the conclusion that it would be misleading and that’s not cool.

Anyway, Dollywood is being sued by Judy Eatherton.  She visited Dollywood last march and while exiting an attraction called the Rockin’ Roadway Car Ride, she claims her “foot caught on the side of the ride, causing her to be thrown to the ground.”

Judy also claimed that her right wrist was fractured during the fall.  But wait!  You haven’t even heard the best part!  Judy says that since the fall at Dollywood she has “suffered loss of enjoyment of life, and permanent impairments and disabilities”-$400,000 worth!

You have to be kidding me!  “Loss of enjoyment of life”?!  What in the world?!  The women of Dolly’s generation would slap this woman and say “suck it up!”  I can definitely understand permanent impairments.  Permanent disabilities is really kind of pushing it but I kind of get that, too.  But come on lady, loss of enjoyment of life?  Please.  Loss of enjoyment of life is when you lose a loved one or suffer a traumatic brain injury or in my case, your dog chews up your original, 1976, AUTOGRAPHED Asleep at the Wheel record.  Hey, it was traumatic to me. 🙁

So I guess traumatic to one person is not traumatic to another.  Maybe she deserves $400,00.  Depends on how bad the fracture was and her age.  Lets be honest, $400,000 is not that much money when it comes to today’s lawsuites.  All that matters is that she is made whole.  Which means doctor bills are paid and maybe $50,000 for pain and suffering.  $400,000 is a life changing amount of money.  Personally, I don’t think a fractured wrist warrants $400,000.

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