Driver Steps Out Of Car Moments Before It’s Crushed By Boulder

While most Californians are cursing the series of storms that have been ravaging the state this week, at least one resident is thanking his lucky stars after he narrowly escaped getting crushed by a boulder.  Malibu resident Mauricio Henao says he climbed into his Toyota Prius earlier this week when his girlfriend called and asked him to get something from inside the house. A split second after Henao stepped out of the vehicle, a huge boulder — which had been dislodged from a mountainside by the storms — came crashing down on his car, crushing it.  “I just said wow, this could’ve been me inside this car,” Henao says. “I felt like goose bumps because if it wasn’t for that call, ‘Hey, can you check on my bag?,’ I probably wouldn’t be here.” He goes on to say the incident gave him a whole new appreciation for his girlfriend, who was still on the phone with him when the near-disaster occurred. “I said thank you for calling me because you saved my life,” Henao says.


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