Time for a blast of masculinity since today’s society is really trying to water it down.  Here’s to all the dudes out there workin’ their asses off to keep things going.  Here’s to beer money.  Here’s to fixin’ up that old truck.  Here’s to buyin’ drinks for pretty honky tonkin’ women and here’s to men being men again.  With no apologies!  SALUTE!!

I’m no expert but I have worked in the welding and wholesale meat business.  I was a welder for more than a few years and enjoyed it!  I just didn’t want it to be my career.  The meat business was something I did as a backup for the times when…whatever I was trying to do wasn’t working!  Family owned the company and they were always good to me when I needed quick work.  I worked a little of both while part time at the most legendary station in Lubbock Texas, KLLL.  Finally, I made the full time move to radio and I’m glad I did!  There’s a lot more in between all of that but maybe I’ll go there another time!  That’s all there is to my story.  Now…..

….History on an old meat market.  There once was a place near 1294 and University that had a lot of history in this area!  Though the actual business is no longer around, the spirit certainly is.  It was called Kirk’s Meat Market.  At the time they moved on to greener pastures, Kirk’s was a 60 plus year business.  Three generations of family ran this place and it was cool.  Really cool.  I remember riding around in old meat market vans as a kid with my uncle and two cousins.  The smell of raw meat in those vans never left my SOUL!!  I remember selling lemonade and cookies in the parking lot with my great uncle (the original owner) along side my cousins.  We had a lot of fun and there is just something about butchering that is fascinating.  As Colby Donaldson says something in the interview about the trade making a comeback.  He’s right.  It’s making a comeback because it has been a lost art for a long time.  Here’s to the butchers in the world!

To the welders of the world: You are necessary.  100% necessary.  Not just because of the things you create, but also because of your backbone.  You know how to work so keep it up.  Your rewards and recognition’s are coming!

Sean Dillon always comes with great questions and that is key to quality answers!  Quality answers are key to a great interview!  This is something I have yet to figure out.  Just ask Josh Abbott.

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