It seems that the masses of country music have moved on to the likes of Luke Combs and Kane Brown.  Which is odd in itself considering how different they are.  Anyway, this has left Florida Georgia Line with whatever those two haven’t soaked up and it wasn’t much.  If you notice, there are trends in country music.  Right now, the trend seems to be proving how country you are.  Luke Bryan was the one that really made a statement with this trend and it was believable.

Florida Georgia Line took the same approach with their new album titled You Can’t Say I Ain’t Country and I just don’t believe it!  I think their music is good.  I don’t necessarily think all of it is country music but it’s still good music.  I just don’t get why they had to open themselves up to this.  It’s like Nashville hired two actors and told them to be country but don’t be country.  Well, the money has spoken!

Sales of Can’t Say I Ain’t Country are terrible. The album opened with sales of only 29,000 in physical AND digital copies, which is terrible for a major label country act. To put that into perspective, that is 24,000 less albums than the 71-year-old John Prine debuted with his recently independently-released album Tree of Forgiveness, and 22,000 less than Jason Isbell sold with his last album The Nashville Sound without the help of a ticket bundle.

Bro country seems to be slowly fading into the past.  People just might be over it.  Finally.  <—-I didn’t say that.  Or type it.

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