Frog Marriages And Cat Splashing. We ARE Desperate For Rain!!

BREAKING NEWS! It’s a wee bit dry. OF COURSE you knew that already. Your first clue may’ve been when you kept hearing a little voice desperately whispering “water, water…cough cough”. And then you realized that voice was coming from your own skin.
In all seriousness, months without rain is beginning to bring back the nightmares of 2011. What was supposed to be a weak La Nina, has grown into a monstrous diabla on performance enhancing drugs. Diabla is Spanish for “she-devil”.
Let’s face it. We’re desperate.
So here’s a double-triple dog dare for you. Will you try one of these tried, but maybe not true rain rituals?
Frog marraige. (At this point I know you don’t believe me, so check out the Uzoo video above on You Tube.) Yes, in India, everyone knows that an actual marriage between 2 frogs will please the rain gods so much, monsoon will follow. Here’s a description I found at, describing a frog marriage from 2014.
“People blew trumpets and sang songs, as the priest solemnized the marriage with the usual Hindu marriage rituals, even putting streaks of vermilion on the female frog’s head as is done with brides.”
Awwwwww, how sweet. Those two toads must have had 1,000’s of tadpoles by now, maybe even some great tadpoles.
Cat splashing. In Thailand, cats are brought in cages to a sacred spot and splashed with water. It’s believed that the extremely audible disdain from the cat gets the attention of the gods. The ritual has recently been modified to use STUFFED kitties after cruelty to animals accusations popped up. Good idea. Using real cats was mean! Plus, anyone who tries to splash a cat with water can end up in the emergency room. And besides, we all know that splashing water on a STUFFED kitty will bring rain EVERY TIME!
And here’s a more current and closer to home example of a rain ritual. Actually, this seems very scientific and promising in theory. In California, drones have been used to seed clouds to make rain. That was in 2014. Hmm. Worked out really well, huh? Not so much. Maybe they need to get busy arranging some FROG MARRAIGES! They can find some in Calaveres County….just jumpin’ around.



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