ABC/Image Group LAIf you think you know what Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton mean when they sing about a “Dive Bar,” the music video will have you reconsidering that concept.

When Garth and Blake sing “the water’s fine, y’all can just come on in” and vow to spend the “weekend in the deep end of a dive bar,” they’re not kidding. The whole “Dive Bar” video takes place underwater.

The clip’s mainly a performance video of the two superstars performing “Dive Bar” onstage at Blake’s watering hole, Ole Red — though it’s hardly a dive — with lots of added elements.

The band plunges in at the beginning, boots first, still managing to play their instruments while wearing full scuba gear, including face masks. Garth and Blake, on the other hand, miraculously remain perfectly coiffed even though they’re submerged as well.

A couple of dancing sharks add to the comedy, with the two stars even attempting a little choreography. Once the song finishes, the camera pulls back to reveal an Ole Red bartender grabbing a bottle of booze, suggesting that’s where the whole thing may’ve happened.

You can check out the “Dive Bar” video on Garth’s Facebook page, where it premiered Friday.

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