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Garth Brooks has been named the CMA Entertainer of the Year six times. He’s nominated again this year, but he says everyone who’s nominated this year is deserving, especially the guy who won the trophy last year. In fact, Garth even voted for him.

Keith Urban‘s the reigning Entertainer. If that name’s on there, that’s an award you want right there,” he told ABC Audio Tuesday.

“You don’t get better than Keith Urban. So I vote for him every year, it’s tradition,” Garth added. “I’d love to to take it home, but the truth is, you can’t lose in this bunch…I mean, you’re looking at all the names and all the shows are fantastic. And it is the year of the woman.”

Wait, is that a hint that he’s rooting for Entertainer nominee Carrie Underwood?  Could be.  Garth said he’s all for Wednesday night’s CMA telecast shining a spotlight on the great female voices of country music.

What I’m looking forward to most is, the industry for one night’s gonna pull our head out of our butts and go, ‘These are great examples,’” he said bluntly.

“I have three daughters. [I’m] married to one of the greatest singers ever. So I see the work ethic. I see what women have to do,” Garth continued. “They work a thousand times harder to get a tenth as much. They roll their sleeves up and they go to work…And so this is gonna be a perfect girls’ power kind of night.”

Saturday, when CMA Week is over, Garth brings his tour to Knoxville, TN’s Neyland stadium, home of the Vols.

“It’s supposed to be clear and 50 Saturday….Perfect college football weather. And they’re going to come in their full colors,” Garth grinned. “Trust me.”

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