There are two things in this video that make me laugh.  The first funny thing is the fact that George’s nieto (grandson), Harvey, stands exactly the same way the entire time.  Clinging to the mic and looking straight ahead for the whole song.  I don’t think he even blinked the entire time.  It made me laugh and creeped me out a little.  Creepy kids are everywhere.

Secondly, the end credits.  “Filmed by Dusty, Harvey, and Wyatt”.  Anyone who freaks over GS knows exactly who these people are.  “Dusty” is GS from Pure Country, “Harvey” is Straits middle name and finally, Wyatt is George Straits fake middle name. His first name in Pure Country is “Dusty”.  His middle name is “Wyatt”.  Hell yeah I knew that and I ain’t scuured to admit it.  Now YOU know.

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