George Strait: Hidden Gems Album #2

Help me Lawd!  The music is too dang good!  The hidden gems.  This is why the king is the king.  “Don’t Mind If I Do” is the type of song you hear on quite a few George Strait albums.  One of his big influences was Frank Sinatra and you hear his influence come out in his voice and his song choices often.  This song works for a dive bar, honky tonk, or an uptown joint.  Hangin’ with Bob Mills smoking cigars in an oak office type of song.  Or in the OLD Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino and Hotel in Ruidoso, New Mexico on a bear skin rug next to that old giant copper fire place they had in the lobby.  Loved that place.  You want to be romantic?  Get some candles, learn to dance, and turn this one up.  Use a record player with decent speakers for the optimal impression.  Another reason why George Strait is so great is because every album he has is filled with quality music.  Not all songs are great but he’d probably take the overall category of “Best Songs Ever” if there were such a thing.  Great stuff.

“That’s The Truth”.  Once again, great song choice by George.  Major love to the songwriters Steve Leslie and Melba Montgomery.  This song cuts so deep.  Chills run up and down my spine and my eyes water when I listen to songs like this.  George Strait owns it.  He hasn’t lived most of the songs he sings but he sure sounds like he has in the delivery.  That’s what a showman does and he does it like no other.  I can relate.  But it more than that.  I can relate to a ton of songs.  The artist has to be able to make me believe it.  That’s when I connect.

I am a sucker for three quarter time.  The waltz is a great romantic yet heart breaking ensemble all in one.  Ensemble.  That’s a great word but I probably shouldn’t use it.  This particular waltz is not only musically heartbreaking but also lyrically.  In “Out Of Sight Out Of Mind”, the strings set the tone for the entire song slowly stretching the heart strings.  The lyrics and melody stretch them to the breaking point and it all comes together as a song that will easily conjure up any memory of lost love.  This is a fighting fire with fire type of song.  It can drag you through the mud and  so deep into the memory that you almost lose your mind.  It does forces you to think about it and get it over with.  Or so I’ve been told…

Guess I’m going with another waltz.  “House With No Doors” is another case of genius songwriting on a George Strait album.  Kate Coppola, Kacey Coppola and Jamey Johnson killed it with this one.  I can definitely hear Jamey Johnson in “House With No Doors” .  For example, the lyrics “I was there in my trailer, down at the job site” is definitely Jamey Johnson.  This song is telling the story of a man and his desperation to keep his lady.  He wants to build a house with no doors so she could never leave again.  George Strait tries to reason with this man by saying “If there ain’t one she’ll make one, either way she’ll run and leave you a house with no doors.”  When I listen to this song I picture blueprints, numbers, protractors, a construction site trailer house and one man with a look of defeat and another man trying to help him the best way he knows how.  Without building him a house that wouldn’t pass inspection anyway!  However, it’s an excellent song.

Hidden Gems #2.  I hope you liked the songs.  I feel it is our duty as a radio station to keep you informed on the music behind the music!  Not just the most popular.  There are a lot of people out there that like George Strait music but don’t really know just how good some of it really is.  I do not pick these songs based on anything other than my personal experience with them.  I listened to a majority of them as they were released.  When a new George Strait album comes out…I. Am. On. It.  Always have been and always will be.  GS fo life!  I sound like a freak but it’s cool.  Do some research on George Strait albums and I promise you’ll find multiple awesome songs that you didn’t even know existed.  Buy the CD, tape, record, or download.  Doesn’t matter just purchase it!!  He obviously needs the money.  Long live the King!

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