George Strait: Hidden Gems Album #3

Hidden Gems Album #3!  In the words of Dusty Wyatt Chandler, “Let’s do it.”

The first song I would like to feature on this week’s “Hidden Gems Album” is “Lone Star Blues”.  This song was originally written and recorded by Fort Worth native Delbert McClinton.  It kind of puts you right in the saddle with a rodeo cowboy.  It might even make you consider riding a bull.  Don’t do it.  You’ll die.

All Of Me (Loves All Of You) is another one of those songs where the influence of Frank Sinatra comes out in George’s voice.  Guys, this song right here, is just one of the MANY that will help you step up your game with the ladies.  Let’s say you are not the best at talking to women.  Play this song and I guarantee you one of two things will happen.  Either she will no longer care what you say and fall madly in love with you, or you will suddenly become this smooth talking debonaire that she couldn’t resist resist even if she tried.  Probably not though.  Either way, it’s a great song!

I listen to these songs while I write this so that I typically just type what comes to mind.  “I Look At You”  is not necessarily one of the hidden gems that jumps out at you and grabs you by throat but it has such a great message.  There is just something about the overall feel of this song that makes me love it.  The fiddle build up during the instrumental, the lyrics, and George Straits ability to sell it is all what grabs my attention.  I don’t know about you but it makes me want to fall in love.  I need to stop listening to this song.

Okay.  Let’s turn those embers into flames.  I am a huge fan of heartache songs as you probably know by now and when I am going through it, I crank em’ up loud and proud.  Nothing gets me through heartache better than songs like this.  It’s a love hate relationship really.  “Ready For The End Of The World” is a heart wrenching song about a man that lost the love of his life.  Plain and simple.

Bonus track:

From the same album as “Ready For The End Of The World”, “Oh, What A Perfect Day” will take you to the opposite end of love.  The good side if you will.  This is a great rainy day dancing song.  Open the windows and turn your living room into a dance floor.  I’m tellin’ you if the world were a honky tonk, I’d be in a world of trouble.  I love this stuff.

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Thanks for reading!  I’ll have another for you next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, and the week after that and so on.  That’s how many good songs George Strait has that most people have never even heard.  We sure don’t call him the King of Country for nothing!

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