George Strait: Hidden Gems Album #4

I figured what better way to spend a rainy day than to spend it with rainy day music.  The first song that came to mind was Ronnie Milsap’s “If It’s Gonna Rain”.  This song, like every other song I have put of the “Hidden Gems” albums, take me elsewhere in my mind.  The minute this song starts, I go back to December in Fort Worth.  I lived in Funky Town for a couple of years and this album was fairly new at the time.  This song brings to mind walking up to my girlfriend’s house which was decorated with all kinds of good stuff.  “If It’s Gonna Rain” specifically reminds me of the glow of the green Christmas lights on her house, the quiet country club neighborhood and the mist reflecting in the street lamp.

Not all rainy day songs are about rain.  Sad songs are so damn good.  I relate because I am not the best at dating.  Heartache is every Tuesday in my world.  This is one hell of a waltz.  “King of the Mountain” has that powerful, classic George Strait steel guitar intro.  The words are outta sight.  Such a powerful song.

I thought it was so cool when I heard this song.  It’s  a re-make of his very own song from 1978-79.  Somewhere in there. “I just Can’t Go On Dying Like This” was originally a honky tonkin’, rough beer drinkin’ crowd style tune.  He completely flipped it on the “Love Is Everything”  album.  He really shows his vocal abilities in this song.  George Strait has the most natural, rustic, country cowboy, don’t get no better than this voice in Country Music.  By far.

Here’s your rainy day song!  Damn right George is more than a country artists. “We Must Be Lovin’ Right” is Johnny Mathis original.  Which is far away from country music but gives us an idea of what kind of music George Strait likes.  I actually have this original song on vinyl and I’d take George Strait’s version over Johnny’s any day.  But that’s because I am part hillbilly.  Get you bear skin rugs out folks!  Time to get romantic and stuff.


When “Strait Out Of The Box” was released, I just about flipped my sh!@.  It came complete with a book full of pictures of his personal life!  George is a little more inclined to do interviews and things now but then, it was unheard of.  There were pictures inside his house!!  I could not believe my eyes.  My parents can thank this box set for keeping me extremely busy and out of trouble.  The original version of “I Just Can’t Go On Dying Like This”

Pretty cool how George and the Ace in the Hole Band can take a beer drinkin’ song like “I Can’t Go On Dying Like This” from 1979 and turn it into a modern, melodic, rub your heart in the dirt rainy day song.  For you on this rainy day, I have gifted you with rainy day songs, from the freakin’ king.  So put on your stretchy pants and play this good stuff tonight!  Love ya’ll!

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