A Golden Night Fell Flat

Looks like a night that is dedicated to all that glitters and shines fell flat… Very flat. It seems that the Emmy’s had the lowest ratings in the history of the broadcast!

I of course have a few things to think about this, but there is one thing that is coming out loud and clear about the broadcast, it’s not Hollywood’s fault… sure it isn’t.

I have seen multiple reports stating that part of the early detection of a ratings flop has something to do with 6 of 56 markets being in Florida and unable to report due to Florida recovering from Irma. So Hollywood is expecting us to completely discount the 50 markets that did report with what they watched. Okay, got it.

Here’s the truth about the Emmy’s, I knew they were going to fall flat the second that they announced that Stephen Colbert was going to be hosting the event.

Now let’s forget the fact that I know exactly where this guys politics lie, I just don’t think he’s funny. Period. End of story move on. I’m not going to watch someone who I don’t think is funny.

But if we’re being real honest, the silent majority is standing up and making themselves heard again.

So with all the political, Republican hating and Trump bashing I found things to at least laugh at in the snip-its I’ve seen from the Emmy’s.

Dolly Parton’s face when Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda make their cracks at Trump… And at the very least Parton was funny.

Kate McKinnon’s acceptance speech was laughable… She thanks Hillary Clinton before she thanks her mother and her sister. Sorry mom the woman who gave you life isn’t as important as Hillary Clinton. If we’re being honest, I’m sure that it is just because if it hadn’t been for Hillary running for POTUS she wouldn’t have even but on that stage, but lets be real here. Mom first. Always mom first!

There were a few laughable things to come out of it, but here is what I really think as to why the ratings took a belly dive. A night that most people loved to watch and hear about… is now something that just makes my skin crawl.

Let’s take a moment and remember the speech that Meryl Streep made for her Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award….

She took her time in the light to make stabs at the President Elect at the time and go after Trump. I was done with awards shows long before this, have you, but this straight up solidified my feelings towards these awards shows.

First off why do most people watch these shows? An escape. Why are shows like The Goldbergs on ABC, and The Big Bang Theory on CBS doing so well with people? It’s the escape.

The fact of the matter is that politics are taking over everything… well, its at least present in everything. The NFL is a good place to start.

There was Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, and the fall out that has seemed to follow from it.

People are crying that he’s not on a team, because he took a knee during the national anthem… Let’s over look the fact that it has nothing to do with the fact that his numbers were abysmal, or even the fact that bringing on a guy like Kaepernick would be a PR nightmare. Let’s all think back to Tim Tebow, shall we. You know that white guy who would take a knee for Jesus, who had decent-ish numbers in the NFL and would take a knee for Jesus. Gasp! Someone wanted to exercise his religion in a country that touts the fact that we have religious freedom! Shocker!!! Tebow was pretty much ousted from the NFL after this, as soon as I saw Kaepernick pull his stunt, I figured he would be on his way out too.

Then there was the bathroom bill of the Carolina’s… North Carolina I believe… This bill caused numerous musical artists to cancel appearances in North Carolina until the bill was passed. This was Hollywood’s way of forcing the common man to do their bidding. It was like these people were saying, if you want us to come perform call your government reps and get this passed… Actually that is exactly what they did. Hollywood used their influence to determine the laws in a state that they didn’t live or vote in. It makes what they did, look kind of bad when I put it that way, right?

Then I captured this watching the CrossFit Games…

The Israeli Men’s Team decided to have fun at a way wrong time. The team later came out and said that they were out to just show everyone that CrossFit is about more than lifting heavy things its about having fun too. However, given what was going on, on the soil that they were competing, it didn’t sit right with me.

Here is my thing, I watch sports to watch the sport. I don’t care about an athletes personal agenda, I care about the athletes performance. I don’t watch awards shows to hear about how stupid the silent majority is because we don’t agree with you. I don’t go to concerts, because I agree with your political stances. I go because I happen to like your music.

So here is my final thought on why the Emmy’s flopped. It has everything to do with the fact that people are so over run with politics that when it came down to us having a choice of willingly turning on more of the same thing we have been hearing for years now or escaping, we chose to escape. Until they can provide the escape that America is looking for the Emmy’s ratings will not be going up any time soon.



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