A Georgia couple raised the bar on marriage proposals after their unique proposal, using Eric Church’s song “Springsteen” has been seen over 3,000 times in less than a day.

Big Eric Church fans, Clark and Kaytlin have been dating for six years and it was during Clark’s sophomore year at the University of Georgia that he began filming the couples special moments including the many Eric Church concerts they attended together.

Clark, who had been filming and keeping the secret that he was using the footage to propose to Kaytlin, finally finished his “project” and brought Kaytlin’s family for a “tour” of Sandford Stadium.

That’s when he played his video on the jumbotron for Kaytlin, then got down on one knee and proposed. Clark said that “Springsteen” makes him think about special times with Kaytlin, the proposal can be seen on YouTube, but you’ll need a tissue.

How were you proposed to? Why do you need a proposal redo?

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