The Harvey Weinstein Debate

Harvey Weinstein, the man that Meryl Streep has equated to God… is involved in one of the worst sex scandles I’ve seen. What’s even better is the left is perfectly proving my point on how everything is a moving target and it is all a propositional grey area.

So we all know the facts, like the current number of women who have accusations against Weinstein, that number is at 30 so far, but his discrepancies are over a 30 year period and honestly I think this is just the beginning. Among the 30 there are some familiar names like Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Kate Beckinsale, and Heather Graham.

There are several things that bother me. Let’s start with the fact that the same woman who has yet to divorce her husband for her own political gain has come out and chastised Weinstein.

Uh-huh… But Bill didn’t do all those dirty things that showed up in the Starr Report. And then he lied about not having sexual relations with that woman while under oath… but it’s all good. You do you Hilly. Giving up your self worth to obtain a job is sooo worth it.

I’m actually more impressed that she went out and said this about one of her biggest contributors. In total since 1995 Weinstein has been able to amass a contribution totaling $1.5 million. So I guess that foreshadows Hillary’s plans to run in 2020… as in there are none.

However, looking back, I find it interesting that the entertainment industry was trying to self regulate, in a sense.

People knew about what was going on and people were publicly making jokes about it, long before this story broke.

I want you to sit and think about this for a second. This is an industry that is trying to use their influence to get you to perpetuate their agenda. They need more people to think the way they do to make things happen the way they think they should. This is the same industry that tells you, hunting is bad, no one should have guns, and that it needs to be free accessible abortions for anyone at anytime. They were protecting a sexual predator.

There is no sugar coating it… Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator and people finally had the nerve to speak up about it, but the industry that is trying to get laws changed for the “betterment of mankind” protected him for 30 years.

I think this is a learning experience that we all needed to see. Hollywood and the people within it are not responsible to take care of their own community and self regulate, what makes you think they know what is best for you and I?

They don’t.

Let this be the moment that you stop and question the validity of what celebrities are trying to pass on to you when it comes to political rhetoric.

Don’t be a pawn, do your research, think for yourself and come to your own conclusions.




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