ABC/Image Group LAJon Pardi may be taking “Heartache Medication” up the country chart right now, but in real life, he’s not too far from wedded bliss.

Last month during the sold-out kickoff of his tour at the Mother Church of Country Music, the California native asked his longtime girlfriend, Summer Duncan, to marry him.

“I thought it would be great if I asked her at the Ryman…” he tells ABC Audio. “It’s always been kinda special to me because it was where all the history, where it all started.”

“One of our first dates when she came to visit Nashville, I had a show at the Ryman,” Jon explains. “I was a guest. I sang [‘Dirt on My Boots,’] with [singer/songwriters] Rhett Akins and Dallas [Davidson] and [their band] the Peach Pickers. And she got to kinda go backstage for first time… And we always kinda remember that.”

“And it worked out great,” he says of his proposal. “She didn’t want to get on stage. She didn’t know what was going on, but she was super happy.”

Jon and Summer don’t plan to waste any time heading down the aisle.

“We’re getting married in May in Montana,” he reveals, “and it’s not gonna be hot! You know, the worst thing is like, ‘Yeah, we’re getting married in July and you gotta wear a tuxedo, and it’s outside.’”

“I’m excited for the wedding,” he adds. “It’s gonna be fun.”

But not terribly traditional, according to Jon.

“It’s just a big party,” he says. “We’re not very serious when it comes to weddings… Summer, she demanded that instead of cake… we can cut the pizza… That’s what she wants.”

“I was like, ‘Fine by me, but we have to get some kind of cake!’”

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