How Do People Do This?

This dude ate 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes yesterday.  That’s 1 hot dog every 8 seconds.  The freakin’ Lane Frost of hot dog eating contests over here!  He bragged afterward:

“I found a vicious rhythm.  I was feeling good”

Eating contest are fun to watch but I don’t think I would enter one.  I’m competitive so I would want to win.  I would not win and be sick and miserable for nothing.  That would be a problem for me.  I have hosted 4th On Broadway’s eating contest for the past 3 years.  With the exception of this year.  I had to work.  “Word on the Street” is Petey Pete took over for me and killed it.  On 4th On Broadway’s menu this year, catfish and cobbler.  The first time I hosted the contest, there were 16 or so contestants.  A huge trophy, Yetti cooler and more went to the winner.  Thanks to the gal that runs the show, Alyson Cole, I was able to witness grown men vomiting.  Projectile. “Stand By Me” style.  It was great.

Congrats to Joey Chestnut for eating 74 hot dogs!  Being a champion in life is no longer a pipe dream for this guy!

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