How Often Do You Wash Your Clothes?

Note to certain people at my workout place; spraying Febreze onto clothing does NOT make your clothes clean!  And that statement is nothing against Febreze.  It’s a wonderful product, but it’s NOT A WASHING MACHINE.

Now that I have that out of my system, do you struggle with how often to wash your clothes?  I am attaching an article written by  Brigett Early, and it has some useful information about clothes washing.  It also has an explanation from a leading Tide detergent scientist about the effect a body has on clothing after one wear.  I will not repeat what the scientist says, because you might be eating breakfast,  but it’s in this article.

Please take our KLLL Instapoll and let us know how often you wash your clothes.  Thank you.  (The Boo Boo and The Washing Machine video and audio will make you laugh out loud.)


How often do you wash your clothes?

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