Why I’m Okay With Louis C.K.’s Apology

Let me first say that I am by no means a fan of Louis C.K. In fact I never understood why people would pay to perpetuate a man like him to any type of star status given the vulgar humor that he seemed to use constantly.

With that said…

Louis C.K. had several allegations come out in a New York Times article. In fact prior to the release of this article, movie releases that were scheduled with C.K. were cancelled, guest spot on night time shows were cancelled. So it was seeming that these allegations were pretty up there. You know he was quickly joining the ranks of the heavily perverse Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

Here is what you need to know what all these allegations boil down too. Apparently C.K. would pleasure himself to completion in person or while on the phone with some females. Now the women he actually did this in front of he would ask permission, they thought that he was joking, then he would start, and if they tried to flee he would stand in their way to prevent them from doing so.

C.K admits to doing these things, he also admits that he’s wrong, and he admitted that because he asked he thought it was okay.

While I still abhor C.K. as a person… more so than I every did before, let me just say that I am cool with C.K.’s apology. I am a woman and I can appreciate the honesty in it. It’s actually kind of refreshing. After Weinstein fleeing to rehab, Spacey putting out there that its because he’s drunk and gay. I can actually appreciate an apology that fesses up to what you did.

With that said, no I don’t condone C.K.’s behavior and just know that if any man tries something like that, they won’t get their member back. It will be detached and mounted on my trophy wall.

Ladies, if you come across any actions like C.K’s might I suggest my desired route to self salvation.

I can appreciate this apology for what it is, but I do feel that it would be best for all involved if there were more restitution from C.K. what ever the form.



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