Mark Seliger/ABCIf you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, Dolly Parton‘s got one for you. In fact, she’s got several.

Her new Netflix series, Heartstrings, debuts November 22, and she has no less than three inspirational songs out now, which she’ll perform when she co-hosts next Wednesday’s CMA Awards. 

“Faith-based stuff is important for any ‘now,’” Dolly tells ABC Audio. “But certainly right now, this old world is just so full of dirt and darkness and people just can’t sling enough mud at one another.”

“And I think, ‘What in the world are we thinking? Why can’t we just feel a little lighter and a little more love and not be so political and not be… just banging our heads against each other?’” she adds. “And so I ask God everyday to let me do something to uplift mankind and to glorify Him.”

And it seems like Dolly’s prayers were answered, thanks to “God Only Knows” with for KING & COUNTRY“There Was Jesus” with Zach Williams, and “Faith” with Galantis and Mr. Probz.

“These three faith-based songs, they just kind of all just came out of nowhere,” Dolly explains. “Nobody planned it… This person said, ‘Would you sing on this song with me?’ I thought, ‘Praise the Lord!’ Then the same. ‘Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord. Yes, I will.’”

“So I really felt good about… being part of something that was… more light and airy and loving and not so serious,” she reflects.  

Dolly’s greatest wish for you? To exhale.

“We’re forgetting to live!” she proclaims. “These songs kinda give you a little breathing spot…’Just breathe!’”   

Tune in for Dolly Parton: Here She Comes Again!, hosted by Robin Roberts, Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, before the CMA Awards on Wednesday. 

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