Inside the Female Mind

Yesterday I was sitting around with a bunch of girlfriends and we were discussing the political going on’s and that of course led to other conversations…about clothes, the weather, who is getting some time off during spring break, who got a steal of a deal on something, more politics, my cute shoes, my friends cute dress, when we’re going to get mani’s and pedi’s to celebrate spring, I think my boy toy just bought me a new crossbow, what’s going on in the world of CrossFit, more politics, I think we need more appetizers, this new wine that everyone has to try, “I just saw the cutest puppy photo”, look at this cute kid, it’s time to get serious about this diet for the bikini bods, did you see this new recipe- that is a low carb version of this thing we all love, I need to work on my abs more, drink more water, book facial to get glowing skin, more politics, oh did you hear what happened to Lucy in accounting?…

I want you to note that there is not a period to be found anywhere. This is how most female conversation operates. We start on one topic, someone says something about that topic and the discussion gets directed down another path, we eventually meander back to our original topic, but it takes some time and much discussion of many other things.

So looking back today thinking about our very wild and random discussion, I realized that our path of discussion is probably pretty close to how we think.

There is a running joke out there that the female mind is like have 10,000 browser pages open on your computer… Yup.

So here is my path of thought that I went down today.

*Note: It’s okay to laugh because even I am laughing.

Initial thought: Huh, there is a 21 year old kid that is finding out that the world is a cold cruel place (read article about the college student that got arrested and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for his crime of stealing political propaganda)

I wonder what is going on with Trump these days since he walked away with those wins last night….

He is up to his usual shenanigans… that reminds me, I need to look up the pull weight on the crossbow “Brad” just bought me. On second thought how do I even cock a bow, does one cock a bow, actually does “Brad” know that I have no clue what I’m doing? He knows that I need to be taught these things….

160 pound pull weight, cut down with some nifty gadget thing, that’s cool… Oh I need to set an appointment to get some rehab  done on my IT Band, squat cleans this week killed me, where is my doc’s number, is he on google?… Appointment set. I need to look and see what lifts to expect in the box.

Wait is it really Wednesday?…. Feels like Thursday, but if it’s Wednesday then that means that I missed Dave Castro’s hint for the 16.4 workout… How did I miss it? Where… is… it?


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Well… that told me nothing!… Need to register for some 5k’s gotta make sure I keep up with my resolution.

Need some new workout wear for the summer…

Clang-N-Bang. Link in bio. #ryourogue

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I like, but do I need?… Who am I kidding!

Oh look cute puppy…

"Front porch sittin' on a pretty day" – @opietheyellowlab

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I want another dog… Will “Brad” trade the crossbow for a puppy? I need to train Ro, she could do some cool animal tricks…

Hey… What’s this?

Hey wait a second I seriously think it’s Thursday, why are they filming things to the 16.4 announcement, that’s tomorrow.

Oh wait… now this is cool.

Haven’t seen this 6 Pack Bag, it’s cute, but not what I need, too small, who would actually use this?…

Oh yeah I need to order new hard packs for my bag…

Now I’m hungry, or do I want coffee?…

You get the idea, women’s minds can kind of be this limitless pit. All that transpired in about 20 minutes or so during my air shift, while all this is going on in my head I am also keeping up with paperwork, answering your calls, and covering talk breaks.

I think this just proves that women are the ultimate multi-taskers.



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