Most of us know how to pronounce our favorite mountain town but in true Texan fashion, we get a little lazy with the English language.  I have been guilty of this.  It is imperative that we continue to speak like Texas hillbillies because when done correctly, it sounds cool.  However, I started to ween myself off of this habit in reference to Ruidoso.  It was tough.  Read on…

A person: What’s your favorite getaway jam?

Me:  Wondering why this dude said “getaway jam” and how I”ll  say Ruidoso, NOT Ridohsa, without sounding like a city slickin’ fancy pants boy.

Me: Noisy (Ruidoso in English, I think.)

A person: What? ! Where’s that?

Me: Nestled deep within the mystic Sierra Blanca Mountains.

A person : Ah, Ridosa!

It was a process of avoiding the word until I had it down.  If you are currently guilty of this, reach out to us at 770-5555.  We are here to help.  I have developed the above method  of “avoiding the word”  to break you of this.  There’s no shame if you cannot.

On a serious note, Ruidoso is one of the greatest places on Earth, I swear it!  I have many memories from skiing and skate boarding to movies at the movie theater and of course, hundreds of family weekend trips.  Again, the best place on Earth.

  Tara Fogerson                                          Gaylynn Tyree

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Here’s the great thing about Ruidoso, New Mexico.  There are a TON of things to do and they aren’t even the main attraction!  Inn of the Mountain Gods, go carts, great food, bars, rivers of fine wine and skiing, are all just bonuses.  The main event is the certainly the land!  Go stand under a damn pine tree in the Sierra Blanca’s and tell me you don’t feel better about life.

Tiffany Gailey                                             Tiffany Gailey

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Marlenda Smith Clark                                     Sarah Zohorzarea

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Kimmi Rogers

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There is something extremely sacred about the New Mexico mountains.  It’s a mystical experience and every time I get close, I start to feel it.  My friend Kelli DeAngelo would agree!

Lindsey Butler Murphy

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Marlenda Smith Clark

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How do you say Ruidoso?

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Thank you to everyone who participated!  Even if you didn’t, thank you for reading!   I’ll see you in Riiidosa! That was my tourette’s.  I meant Ruidoso.

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