Is It Wrong To Be Superstitious?

Friday the 13th is an interesting day. I can’t recall ever having anything bad happen on Friday the 13th. But then, I’m almost afraid to say I’ve never had anything bad happen on Friday the 13th because that might jinx it. Does that make me superstitious? Do you pay attention to Friday the 13th, or is it just another day? And furthermore, are you a superstitious person?

I never really considered myself “superstitious”, until I started thinking about it further. If I have 13 saved messages, I’ll delete one to make it 12. I only pick up “heads up” pennies, and if I wear red to a Texas Tech game and they win, I’ll wear red to the next game as well. If they lose, it’s back to black. HOW SILLY! Oh yes, 4 is my lucky number…but I’ve never won anything with it except a bunch of basketball games and soccer matches in high school. And there’s one more thing (now I’m getting worried), I eat black eyed peas for the new year. Except that after the beginning of this year, I decided I’d never, ever eat black eyed peas again to CHANGE THE LUCK! Holey moley, I AM SUPERSTITIOUS! YIKES!

So here’s the question; is being superstitious wrong? It’s like setting oneself up as some sort of higher power to think that wearing red vs. black could affect the outcome of a game….or eating black eyed peas might bring good luck, etc. On the flip side though it’s kind of fun to think (even if we know it’s not true) we could do some little something to change an outcome or fate. Think about it…and meanwhile I have to go now and try to avoid crossing paths with my black cat as I look for a ladder and stay away from mirrors. Got any salt?




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