Jana Kramer Opens Up About Feeling ‘Judgement’ Ahead Of Her Wedding

Recently, Jana Kramer shared how she feels judged over her upcoming wedding to Allan Russell.  Jana said, “I know it’s coming when I get married. The comments. The judgment. Sometimes your past and your decisions can bring hurt, and they can bring shame. “She continued, “But it’s not meant to define you which was a perfect reminder from @kathrynvwoodard.”

She added earlier, “Do people honestly think that I wanted to not be in that marriage? I did not want my husband to cheat on me countless times. I would have loved to have been married to him. Having said that, I’m now grateful for the love that I do have now … but I did not want to get divorced.”

Kramer continued, “You’re allowed to start over as many times as you want. You’re allowed to be happy. No matter how many times it takes… Fight to understand your whys and the lessons till you get to exactly where you were always supposed to be … and who you always were, but never believed.”

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