Jana Kramer Says Blind Date W/ Brody Jenner Was The ‘Worst’

Jana Kramer is known for spilling all her business on her podcast and now is sharing the time she went on a blind date with Brody Jenner.  Kramer said, “I was maybe, 24. I mean, a long, long time ago. We were at some club on Sunset. It was you and Spencer [Pratt], and someone set me and Brody up on a blind date.”  She continued, “So we’re at this dinner, and it was like the worst. You were so sweet, but it was the worst blind date ever with me and Brody. Like the absolute worst. And the worst thing about it was that probably one of my most embarrassing moments was that night because we were not vibing at all.”  She added, “He said something to me, and I was like, ‘That’s it, I’m leaving.’ But there were mirrors. There were mirrors on the walls,” explained Kramer. “Little do I know, the exit sign walks me right in. It was the reflection because it’s all a f—ing mirror. So I slam right into the mirror. I did not look back to see if someone saw me, but I’m pretty sure someone saw me walk into the mirror.”


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