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Jason Aldean believes his son Memphis will continues his “Dirt Road Anthem”

Broken BowEver since Jason Aldean‘s son Memphis was born nearly two years ago, the ACM Entertainer of the Decade has talked about how much it would please him if Memphis follows in his footsteps.

Even though he’s just a toddler, Jason believes he’s beginning to figure out what his dad does for a living.

“He’s getting to the point now where, if he hears one of my songs come on, he knows,” Jason explains. “‘Dada sing!’ That’s what he says.”

The “We Back” hitmaker even planted some inspiration for Memphis around the house.

“In his room, we have pictures,” Jason says. “There’s one of me, and Luke [Bryan]’s got one in there. We had these pictures… blown up, and I had everybody sign ’em to him, and they’re hanging behind his crib.”

“He’s gotten to the point,” Jason continues, “he sees me at home, and then he sees me with the hat and everything. And he’ll be like, ‘Dada,’ ‘Dada too.’ He hadn’t quite figured it out, but he knows that I’m both of those guys.”

Jason says it’s undeniable Memphis has music in his blood.

“I feel like between myself and his mom, she’s a great singer, too, and she’s always singing around the house…” he adds. “So I think between the two of us, I think it’s probably inevitable.”

Unfortunately, Memphis’ bedtime means he misses most of his dad’s shows.

“He did come out to one show where I played a little earlier this year,” Jason recalls. “And, you know, he seems to dig it, but it’s just hard to tell.”

“It’s just he’s so little right now,” he reflects. “But I do think he’s already showing a love for music a little bit, so we’ll see what happens.”

Jason’s new album, 9, arrives November 22.

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